Digital Marketing using Digital Mailing

Digital Marketing is here and it is ready to change and improve the way you communicate with your customers. An important area of ​​Digital Marketing is Mail Marketing, something different from the usual use of e-newsletters called Newsletter, which is nothing more than written communication with customers via email.

The difference with Newsletters is that while the former includes all forms of written electronic communication, the newsletter is a subset of the former and specifically a regular communication which concerns a specific topic always relevant to the subject of each website.

We believe that communication is an essential tool for any business, where each one focuses on its own subject matter.

If we give you a better picture of what exactly below you can see some of the actions of Digital Marketing.

  1. Registration Emails on a service or on a Website.
  2. Approach e-mail for the first order or the first interaction.
  3. Informational Communication that Customer Account is Not Used.
  4. Tracking an Order.
  5. Product evaluation which was purchased from the store.
  6. Blocked Account or Card Update. Reward Program.
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