BackOffice applications as well as Customer Exprience

The company invests in the production of applications for the management of Human Resources as well as the observance of Procedures.

The company, realizing the continuous increase of work rates and in order to better manage tasks and automate the issuance of results, studied and developed innovative Bussiness Intelligence applications to save working time and process automation.

Specifically, applications have been developed that help the supervisor to better manage the staff as well as to assign tasks with real-time projection of the completion rate. Implement staff appraisal and find conflict of roles or responsibilities. Application for evaluation of CVs of candidates regarding available job.

All the above software offer the digitization of processes as well as the smooth operation even in a remote working environment. These are intended to provide important tools for managing the company or organization even in a distance working environment such as the current time period due to COVID19 Lock Down19.

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